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Ten-Lire Postcards: The Postal Consciousness; Studi Aperti is a two-day event in Ameno, Italy (Piedmont), including open studios and installations by artists who have a relationship with Asilo Bianco, a nonprofit organization devoted to the dissemination of art and culture in the territory between Lago d’Orta and Lago Maggiore, two Alpine lakes. For her project, Paola Ferrario printed under the auspices of Ferrario International Printing a series of postcards from photographs she had taken in Ameno and its surroundings. The images were chosen to evoke the style of tourist postcards of the 1960s and 70s, an era when the small artisanal businesses that produced them were thriving. When the project was conceived, there were no longer such postcards to be found in Ameno. The images were chosen to evoke the categories one might find in actual postcards: landmarks and architectural details, sunsets, festivals, inexplicable moments. Twelve images were selected and twelve hundred postcards produced. Beginning during the two days of Studi Aperti, and afterwards as long as the postcards lasted, they were placed on old-fashioned metal racks at local bars and newsstands, just as they used to be. The postcards were free. You can find the limited signed edition here in the shop.